Unconscious Evidence

My thoughts
Are on open wound

Since dreams
Are unconscious evidence
Of the murdered mind
Still bleeding

Long after its death
Took place –

These spoken knives
Gone dull
Before empty threats
Showed daggers

And wielded swords
From memories
A weaker man
Could forget,

Like specific days
Within this realm

Where details sit
Beyond what scenes
Flash back

If their pain
Appears too strong
Upon throbbing woes
Once buried,

Leaving scars
While being experienced
But vague
Behind closed eyes.

Most footprints
Covering tracks
Will tread old ground

Seeing signs
Yet seeming ambiguous,

Having trauma
Become much more.

My phrases
Erases each trace
Those redundant lines
Make nervous,

Highlighting words

Using phrases
Victims may know.

Some moments
Martyr our souls
By feelings gained
When learning

How slaughter
For feeling accomplished
Means losing
Poetry earned,

As expressed
Through honest beliefs

Sudden screams
During nights so restless
Demand we tell
Just waiting,

Often loud
Before fading away.

  • J. Pigno

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