Shining Sprout

I’m afraid
It only feels natural
When the pain
Overrides obsession

And anguish obstructs
While putting thoughts
Down on this page –

That critic deterred
By relief
Which comes from worlds
Being shattered,

Where words bear fruit
Breeding truthfulness
Hanging off lines
Like a branch.

My tree
Is one solid excuse
For imminent rains
After sunlight,

Needing nourishment
Clouds always offer
But constant faith
Cannot grow –

Just seeds
Between cracks in sand
Beyond what hurt
Implies meaning,

Suffering droughts
Without freedom,
Budding honest hope
Under dirt.

Art blossoms best
Among stones,
Receiving floods
Fear expresses

Since heaven’s grace
Never censors
Poetry said
During storms –

Uncovering plants
Far beneath,
Yet denying terms
Clearly budding

Their despondent sense
Gleaning wisdom
Over decades
Spent buried alone.

  • J. Pigno

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