God is just
Another deep breath
And words
What our lungs are gifted
He allows
For expressing affection
Holding meaning
While that air may last

When achievements
All fade into dusk
And agony thrives
Every second
Along those vines
Shedding roses
Still growing their thorns
Between plants,

Despite petals themselves
Falling down
Where withering hearts
Never notice
Those budding beliefs
Sharing sustenance
Before loneliness
Suffocates life –

Our fearful drought
Needing hope
Since emptied lungs
Cannot exhale
So gorgeous greens
Retain beauty
Missing rain
How humans need tears,

Now begging relief
Without rays
But knowing such sun
Remains dormant
Still waiting on storms
Bringing passion
Behind thundering clouds
Bearing light

Until poetry
Sprouts from this dirt
Once savoring warmth
Always ready
Beyond darkening days
Staying quiet
Having faith
True purpose will bloom.

  • J. Pigno

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