Close Calls

You have to find God
And remember
That fear is essential

If establishing
Love as a constant
In the face
Of staring down death

Since bullets
Escape being noticed

(Shot far away
Seeking their targets)

Still distracted
Happily guessing
What grazed some flesh
Leaving marks

When only this faith
Remains sane
Knowing illness
Betrays our existence
While aging itself
Becomes reason
For seeking relief
Never sure,

But powerfully felt

Holding hands
At bedsides uncertain

With beeping machines
Asking questions
Missing answers
Where angels keep score –

Between us
Exchanging those words

Or acknowledging time
Quickly passing

Needing nothing
But smiles like sunlight
So tomorrow endures
Despite clouds.

They’re nearing again
Much too soon,

Drifting off
Yet never quite distant,

Seeing dusk unfurl
Orange ribbons
Over heavens
Merely waiting above –

Watching darkness
Paint beautiful scenes
After meeting day’s glow
Slowly fading,

Letting moments express
Fleeting romance
How these whispered breaths
Linger on.

I’m kneeling right now
Reaching lips
Close besides me
Swearing hurt matters,

Kissing her
Sharing life’s meaning
Even inches away
From an end.

  • J. Pigno

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