Another Time and Place

We might have held
That beautiful wedding,

So serene
On Floridian waters

With an orange sun
Setting behind us
And signaling dusk
As we kissed

Where our hearts
Would trade vows so pure

Turning words
Into something more special

While fireworks
Danced across treetops
And castles loomed
Far overhead –

A miracle
Born in those eyes
Beneath your veil
Sharing glimmers,

Seeing stardust
Shimmering softly
Throughout such curls
Fallen still

After our chance
Finding hope
When magic felt real
For one second

Before waking today
Being nauseous
And crying
From knowing it’s not.

We might have had
A cute little girl
Who looked like mom
Growing older,

But resembled her dad
Very early,

Loving us both
All the same.

Just thinking these things
Shows me God –

Even though pain
Means they happened
Someplace else
Now without me

But potentially real

Remain close by
Until death
Reveals such dreams
Are authentic.

If this is soon fate
I must suffer,
Let me capture it
Poetically first.

  • J. Pigno

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