Man At The Candy Store

“Some things
Are far more precious
Than keeping this place
Always open,”

He told me
With both arms folded
After hearing his rent
Had been raised,

But an increase in bills
Wasn’t worrisome
When spending what time
Remained crucial

While visiting all night
At the hospital
To sleep by her bed
Where he prayed.

We listened with tears
Through his speech,
Believing each word
An example

Of our crossing paths
Being fated
For relearning truths
Often lost

In our daily lives
Feeling blessed
Despite sacred gifts
Left forsaken,

Whether breath itself
Or one moment
Still seeing God’s sun
Between clouds.

My wife held on
Extra tight
As we walked back home
Sharing glances

Which reminded us,
Even together,
How hardship comes
Testing faith –

From that man
Whose name stayed unknown
Believing those words
Made impressions,

Indelibly marked
Facing sickness
Mortality wields
Over love.

  • J. Pigno

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