Best Attempt

Die dreaming alone –
In the end
No love can save us,

Or words
Redeem our sentence
To a lifetime
Rife with grief.

Such verse
Should always speak
Through damaged wills

Lost souls
Whose minds did wander
Long halls
Where faith escaped

When strength
Meant smashing fists
Against closing walls
Called sickness

Behind said doors
Once shuttered
Now unlocked
After sharing abuse.

Those broken holes
Leave marks
But phrases smooth
Bad patches

So real
Such bare expressions
Show turns
From scattered hurt,

Like memories
Oddly strung
Across each phrase
More daring

Than ignoring pain
Thought normal
While obscuring fear

Some films
Play empty rooms
Relying on scripts

Waiting for God
Or others
Directing lies
Shot cheap.

Getting sad
Reveals hope’s voice
Finding solace
Explicitly single,

Despite being open
Making movies
No one could see.

These lines
Are that best attempt
At changing fates
Grown idle,

By better examples
Of real work
Honestly done –

Giving pictures
Capturing clues
All artists take
Buck naked

Since exposure
Becomes second nature
Spilling feelings
Dangerously true,

How rawest wounds
Might tell
What blood was poured

Versus happiness
Begging attention
Feigning confidence
Never approved.

  • J. Pigno

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