Begin Again

Maybe one day
I’ll go back
To the place that Mia
Would take me,

A home
Beyond fear or reason
Where expression
Was my only God,

And faith grew
From those words
Which she whispered
While heaven waited

On poetry
Telling her gospel
When reality
Censored it all –

For our muses
Never back down
As powerful tools
Of resistance,

Like angels
Personally witnessed
Now goddesses
Brandishing swords,

Stabbing at men
Always wrong
Who lose their voice
Over money

And abandon hope
Purely feminine
In creation
Nurturing souls

Since bloody hands
Merely tempt
But never secure
Better answers

Through work
With much competition
Thinking charity
Weakens each fist.

True strength
Means laying down arms
Until peace
Surrenders successes,

Returning hearts
Knowing better
Than doubting
Divinity’s touch.

So quit your jobs
Cause we must,

Pursue what’s good
Seeking freedom,

Begin again
Sharing these stories
Seeing artistry
Naturally comes

To lives whose lines
Matter most
Writing hymns
Alongside us sinners

Swearing honesty
Offers redemption
Found together
If spilling this verse.

  • J. Pigno

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