Injured Bird

I saw an injured bird
To remind me
How life doesn’t value
What innocence thrives
Within nature
Knowing creatures
Will always get hurt –

Too often like kids
All alone,

Forced to survive
Despite begging
Each passerby
For acceptance
Or maybe just scraps
Left behind.

He didn’t want food
Or his nest,

Closing his eyes
Getting weaker,

Chirping in fear
After falling
And flapping those wings
Which can’t fly.

God wasn’t there
While we tried
Between painful breaths
Growing labored
To secure some help
From mere humans
Whose own rules
Were savage enough –

A mirror held up
By that chick

Now prey
Accidentally missing

Its parents
Still blindly accepting
Instinct more cruel
Than deserved.

Fellow beasts
Prove hopeful thoughts
Are illusions
Poetry dictates
When suffering souls
Create meaning
Where none exists
Before death –

Only agony
Coming up next,

Every sickness
Following pleasure,

Destructive needs
Earning nothing
But suffering
Being employs.

Faith endures
Despite sights
Burning these eyes
Gaining reason.

Believing my prayers
Might matter
Have kept this lie
Going strong.

  • J. Pigno

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