Anesthesia Thoughts

Might I not
Ever wake up
And see you for
One last second –

Getting ready
For permanent slumber,

Or this darkness
Oddly content?

Will we still meet
After these dreams
Between what emptiness
Lingers –

Knowing pain
As our moment expires,
But oblivious
When it takes hold?

Such blackness
Comforts me since
That reminder proves
Life always passes
Into certain bliss
So elusive
Despite consciousness
Teasing with light.

She’s my reason
The soul stays behind,

Forgetting how pain
Often follows
Blank heavens
Behind both eyelids,

Returning from God
They induce.

“Better off gone”
Makes more sense
Since existing means
Facing their judgment –

Hearing sighs
Instead of assurance
By loved ones
Who misunderstood.

Does crazier things.

Imagining death
Feels too natural.

Those voices
Are now fading quickly.

Remember me
While nothing exists.

  • J. Pigno

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