Arden Woods

I discovered him
Up and walking
After dusk
On the beach
Among stars

Wandering paths
Below moonlight
As he followed
That beacon
Back home

These eyes of God
Were watching
At ends
Of those breakers

Where waves
Crested gently
Their peace
Between rocks

On unknown sands
From currents
Now missing

Beneath skies
So darkly mysterious
Each wind
Meant losing
Our way –

The midnight hymns
Of angels
To silence

As we ran
Through trails
Amidst quiet
Of a blackness
Thicker than death

With heaviness
Choking us fast
Upon hearts
Like weight
Of assurance

How divinity
Our presence
That evening
We traveled alone

Into woods
Behind stores
Far enough still
To shine dimly

Obscuring the face
Of those figures
He swore
Were then saving
His life.

To this day
Sometimes I think
Had called him

Leaving his room
For our journey
Which lead us
To that shore

And the forest
Yet clear
Brimming with voice
Lacking witness –

No evidence
Of whispers or miracles
But the impact
They had
On our lives.

– J. Pigno


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