Is natural entropy
And agony
Lacking forgiveness
For the sake
Of prepared excuses
When appearing sincere
Before God

Truths of our lies
Throughout this plight
Of conviction
Rendered weak
From believing
Such easiness
Failure sustains –

What diminishes hearts
As we chain
Or chase these means
Across shackles
Like romance
Shunned by decision
Where lovers are sins
That we claim.

No, I am barely
With developing hurt
As it festers
Beyond this reach
Of redemption
Which betrays my soul
Though I fall

Into relief
While avoiding blood
Without penance
At the source
Of inspired angers
Reddened by hope
Gone unfound –

Biding my days
Counting scars
Towards forever
Amassing guilt
Nearly flawless
So the hemorrhage inside
Doesn’t stop.

– J. Pigno

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