Drag Race

At night
I hear these ranks
Of the newly
Broken men
Who’ve seen their worlds
Come crashing
By request
Of a special girl

Watching cars
Speed fast
With headlights
Harshly gleaming
Through darkness
From my windows
Causing accidents
Not so far

That screech
Of halted wheels
And bang
From mangled metals
Which reveal
Such tragic endings
For vehicles
Driven mad

Like quick
And suited ends
As fate
Of skidding rubber
By dangerous beauties
That rev
Such engines hard

Since fear
Of instant death
No smitten dreamer
Reliant on
Those passions
As fuel for
Choices bold

Young and weak
To these feelings
With adrenaline
Spiking quickly
Each time her kiss

At inspiring
Pedals held
Too long for
Hope or safety
Before his time
Behind this wheel
She turns

And one big
Ugly mess
Becomes that wreck
For guys like us
Who listen
But know all motors

– J. Pigno

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