Towards The Sky

Can’t help themselves
Any more
Than a child flounders
At neglect
Of abusive persons
Who believe tough love
Is not wrong

Like hatchlings
Perched in their nest
Begging for worms
Without answers
But silent chagrin
Of these parents
Insisting they forage

Impossible to even fix
Or imagine God
Has His reasons
With a knowledge
That’s long been
Since we’ve fallen far
From that tree

Yet close enough
To still grow
And break through ground
That’s left arid
By droughts
Of meaningful hardship
For life which begs
As a seed

Wings for a branch
And soaring high
Amidst canopies
Left unexplored
By their forebears
Too scared
To venture so tall

Such towering peaks
And above
What limits restrain them
As they abandon
Homes within forests
Obscuring truth
From their sun

Flying is proof
How damage
Not always repeated
Assures their place
Throughout heavens
Better than dreams
Could have hoped

Letting pasts
Remain low
Grounded deep
Beneath timber
Under woods
That have no bearing
When accepting roots
Are a curse.

– J. Pigno

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