Electrical Problem

My heart
Will slowly weaken
And flutter
From disappointments
When dreams
Are mere conditions
For love
Which has no pulse

As currents
Without their source
Keep running
On wired purpose
Through circuits
Bound to envy
What power
Is flowing free

In bodies
Bravely charged
By flesh
Of blessed feelings
With touch
Of rare conductors
Whose role
Is staying lit

Like lightning
Always strikes
At the core
Of open meanings
So the burn
Of honest passions
Are sockets
Soon to plug

Our wishes
Needing breath
These answers fizzle
And fade
Beyond redemption
Allowing bulbs
This chance

Their flashing death
And short
That’s coursing gently
Such broken passage
My faulty switch

To brighten
Burdens bare
As truths
Expressed innately
Stifled whole
Inside us
Since hurt
Leaves fate untold

Thanking youth
For choice
And faith
To never falter
Though time
Develops symptoms
Of change
Which darkens hopes.

– J. Pigno

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