Handle With Care

That glass
Between our hearts
Is always
The thickest mirror
With streaks
Of failed reflection
Honest sight

As it sits
Atop this soul
Like sheets
Of dirtied crystal
With best intentions
But clouded
From my past

When laying
Upon your chest
To feel
A certain weakness
What comes after
That plight
Is shattered whole

Where ceilings
Bearing down
On questions
Causing madness
Bring answers
Oddly welcome
Through warmth
And grazing flesh

As truth
By shattered scars
For meeting edges
While pressured
From resistance
To break
At slightest touch

In your arms
Not being sad
But fearful
Of these fissures
Like cracks
That make an image
What picture lasts

This fragile rift
Now seen
Within my likeness
Solid shadows
A fading ghost

So cheeks
Can really meet
And lips
Present their penance
For echoes
Behind this mask
Which breaks.

– J. Pigno

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