Just Got Started

I’m nothing
Short of astounded
To learn
How we survive

Each day
Without intervention
As far as sight
Can see

Or claim
Within our path
Beyond such
Measured distance

To exist
As taken chances
In the eyes
Of playing God

Who looks
Not on our place
But the fate
Our context wishes

Is the push
All choices muster
For a change
To mean as much

Peering down
Through stars
So small
Their dimmest glimmer

Shows signs
Of watching angels
That guide
Our efforts blind

From their perch
Across heavens
Barely witnessed

Under evenings
Blessed with radiance
So faint
Yet shimmering still

To remind us
Lives are sealed
This moment
Hearts receive them

Upon birth
Or even thinking
Those potentials
Could bear breath

Having voice
And keeping faith
Near the start
Of staying special

But challenged
As they’re ruined
From the minute
Reason creeps

Like doubt
Which quiets proof
What souls receptive

Go seeking
Answers waiting
Among cities
Built by men

Not Christ
Or former saints
Just cars which crash
At random

While sickness
Running rampant
Affects families
Fallen ill

Reminding me
Our shot
Is avoidance
Of that system

Where flesh
Is traded daily
And spirits
Lose their way

Through this fact
How prayer
Can buffer chaos

When actions
Could be dangerous
The moment
Luck resigns.

– J. Pigno

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