I won’t even
Try to hide
These changes
Growing evident
By a smile
Held inside me
Since the moment
You said yes

Those nervous claims
Out of fear
Our hurt should linger
Where pasts
Are always waiting
For their reason
To exist

And conquer
Second dates
While the chance
Of nearly winning
Is a triumph
Come acceptance
By the cost
Our losses chance

Common fates
From the tears
Which bargain service
At the beckon call
Of angels
Whose challenge
Brings us life

Out of grace
We can’t deserve
Despite such
Woven pictures
On horizons
Fading quickly
And approaching God

Choices made
So our failures
Learned as lessons
Are the mouthpiece
For these answers
Which secure
This happy home

It’s even saved
From a dream
We can’t be certain
Is a night
Beyond that moment
When a kiss
Brought futures bright

Through stars
Within our midst
Among these scenes
Convinced that love
Has endings
Like films
Shot by mistake.

– J. Pigno

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