There is
No greater motive
Than a fear
Of losing God

As I’ve struggled
With that question
To this point
My faith exists

With nooses
Hung as doubts
For claims
No man can answer

In blessed scripture
Shot down
By daily needs

Where pain
Has given truth
Of a word
Which offers solace

Against our
Living hemorrhage
That cycles
Blood as choice

Through constant
Wounds of war
Like lies
To keep us guessing

If heaven
Has our reason
For enduring
Sin as flesh –

The very hurt
Which asks
To carry rage
As crosses

Every moment
As our fate
That’s nearly lost

To anger
With our ways
Even when
All paths meander

This knowing prison
Each certain heart

That keeping
Hope is sane
What demons linger

As we fumble
For our purpose
Through a dark
Of endless skies

Like that wish
Which misses
What is beaming

Our empty chances
On an Earth
Obscured by black.

Isn’t seeing

But a veil
We cannot lift.

– J. Pigno

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