First Christmas

I knew you’d stay
Without question
When we saw
That buck
In our street

Standing still
And majestic
Near the fountain
Out front

On a night
Where stars fell dim
Though they shimmered
For that moment

As he gazed
Revealing forever
Through a stare
So peaceful
It hurt

Leaving us
Quiet and weak
To ponder
Such sacred

From a symbol
Answering wishes
We thought
We would never

Amid flakes
Of lingering snow
Like the prayers
Of heaven
Which visit

Atop pines
And evergreens waiting
For the chance
To prove
There is God

Lighting trees
Every season
With a mystery
As His present

Kindling flames
Within forests
Whose frost
Has determined
Their path

Hidden from truths
That remain
Beneath ice
Slowly melting

By the grace
Of an ornament
Upon branches
Begging their touch

From this gesture
Simple and etched
Handing me
That is fragile

Bearing our names
In their elegance
With gold
Showing love

Between deer
Whose kiss
Has been blessed
By a meeting
Fatefully permanent

Much like hope
During winter
On a holiday
That dream.

– J. Pigno

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