My Champion

You did it
All on your own
Without one thanks
Or reason

Other than
Staying persistent
For these things
You love the most –

Keeping real
When they’re fake
Finding truth
Where its missing

Seeing life
As it isn’t
And could be
If we all tried

Like you have
In your belief
Of passions
Widely insisted

Are futile
Though being cherished
By communities
Teeming with faith,

The kind of folks
Who claim
Such dreams
Are hardly foolish

If the shoes
Just make them happy
And clothes
Reveal their choice

Of identities
Bold and brash
Creating shapes
Which vary

Across fresh
Yet motley visions
Whose look
Is art as choice

Most are weak
Unlike men
Who carry

Their need
Within that vision
To create
Outside known lines.

That is
Who you are
My close
And always champion,

A cousin
Friend and mentor
Whose influence
Knows no bounds

And potential
Shatters walls
Where barriers
Aren’t answers

But questions
Losing limits
For this soul
Which conquers bricks

So amazing
In his quest
To denounce
What wrongs are written

Through each stitch
And colorful sweater
From a hand
I know has gifts.

– J. Pigno

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