Washed Ashore

I’ll waste my second chances
Before this tide can pass
Wading in deepest waters
Above what fear may drown

As truth in never guessing
How fate just won’t relinquish
All these spoils left with shipwrecks
Stowing treasures lost and found

Like riches seized from age
And forevers raised by dreaming
When our oceans house no pleasure
But that answer swallowed whole

Into brines of murky depths
Or thick swells with muddled reasons
Turning God into that vessel
Now consumed by growing seas

Hiding meaning within sand
Losing hope through every relic
Sorting gold from drifting ruins
Proving life is sinking fast

If tomorrow begs our wave
For some peace or certain knowing
That such faith can conquer surges
Hiding secrets dense as foam

During nights the surf is thickest
Where each shore erodes from waiting
Under moons of missing pieces
Scattered far across this beach

Near old glass that broke apart
Beneath stars of fallen heavens
Resting somewhere underwater
Like these risks I wouldn’t take.

– J. Pigno

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