Care Too Much

I have no skill
But persistence
In the face
Of appearing dumb
When staring down
Blank pages
From thoughts
Which seem to escape

Like words
Not often claimed
At these moments
Feelings strike me
Still convinced
There is catharsis
If I somehow
Find their place

Fitting truth
Between each phrase
Where such proof
Is open spaces
Holding gifts
Within those margins
Scribbling answers
Outside lines

Now determined
By my will
As some story
Once abandoned
Through indifference
While making sense

Drawing beauty
Without choice
Or that chance
Most cannot fathom
Is expression
Gaining purpose
For this reason
God would know

How all verse
Drives me insane
Though I pray
It keeps repeating
What inspires
Every artist
Forcing meaning
From their soul.

– J. Pigno


  1. It seems the theme of “the creating of Art” is something that’s come up many times for me, I think it will always be an amazing miracle. Thanx for another. g.r.


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