Forgetting God

We just keep
Forgetting God
As if he had
Never listened
To these prayers
Which see us living
Through their words
Still feeling wrong

Like each breath
A steep expense
For believing
Empty answers
In our hands of
Failing science
Trying hard
To prove Him gone

And agree
How faith is dead
On behalf
Of mortal wisdoms
Killing kindness
From obsession
With the proof
Some call disgust

Like contempt
At having grace
While salvation
Seems transparent
Behind pulpits
Pledging freedoms
Though we slave
For missing souls

Losing hope
Near every chance
Seeking truth
Within some office
Working late
And never sleeping
Hiding dreams
Inside our heads

Knowing angels
Call us still
Beyond tasks
Of futile purpose
Drawing meaning
Where there isn’t
Giving signs
Which whisper love

Pledging art
As divine will
And this flesh
Its holy vessel
To commit
What acts inspire
Or redeem
From showing zeal

For expression
Making sense
Out of madness
Called existence
Fallen far
Among old demons
Trying new tricks
To distract.

– J. Pigno

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