On Rails

I can get my
Point across
By enabling
Bad intentions
From reminders
Of certain memories
Which have paved
Their own defeat

Across tracks
Where failure sits
Like steel
With binding motion
Towards moments lost
So distant
Near stations old
And passed

When change
Is getting close
Beyond this point
As a fixture
Traveling forward
In pursuit
Of sudden relief

Who might stay
While journeying far
Into madness
By avoiding love
As remedy
To that stretch

Houses built
Through lives not made
But waiting
For opportunities
Always sitting
At the end of rails
Left long

On pathways
Built of strength
And the hope now gone
Since dreaming
Of seasons felt
Still turning
Finding destiny
Missed its place

Along what route
Is nailed
Grounded hard
From learning switches
Alter courses
Once determined
Against dying
Fairly young

Too sure
This train will stop
Without crashing
As God watches
Laughing wryly
Though I suffer
For the interim
Of my trip.

– J. Pigno

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