Authority Figure

I’d not trust
Chronic liars
Called men
Who say they know
Like a soul
Whose diagnosis
Is based upon
Ignorant flesh

From claims
Which lay their waste
Atop backs
Of society’s faithless
Whose struggle
Is trumped by waiting
For relief
That never comes

While doctors
Say they heal
By pushing pills
More dangerous
Than illness
God delivers
As escape
When answers fail

Or jail
Still ruining lives
Where men inside
Grow restless
To commit these crimes
Like revenge
They wouldn’t choose

If human will
Was good
And jobs just
Weren’t pressures
Weighing shoulders
Always caving
Praying somehow
Soon may end

During eras
Paved with hate
Proving leaders
Aren’t heroes
But our death knell
Voicing speeches
Playing politics
Dressed in suits

Making light
Of others’ grief
Telling stories
Few acknowledge
Are less truthful
Than their platform
Selling safety
Shot through guns

Leaving wounds
Time cannot fix
Just prolonging
Our extinction
At the hands
We title progress
Forging proof
Without one fact.

– J. Pigno

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