Purple Flower

I envy
The purple flower
Hanging low
Upon your desk
With proof
Of wilted majesty
Being caught
In mid-day’s glow

As it mimics
Dazzling grace
Through a dim
Yet telling shimmer
Which speaks
Such hidden language
Atop those
Violet blooms

Beyond sense
Through an image
Whispered softly
Across that room
What nature says
Is best

Still beats
Within our midst
Like a heart
Whose pulse can linger
And lungs
Provide us color
From new radiance
Piercing glass

Passing breaths
Amid glitter
Dancing gently
Between words
We keep exchanging
Losing track
Of God so close

Where windows
Bring us faith
By these details
Often hidden
Long forgotten
Among blossoms
Gleaming shyly
Under sills.

– J. Pigno

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