An Exercise In Fiction

But you
Is an exercise
In fiction

As stories
Share their wisdom
Through our lives
Which see us drift

So fate may mask
What meaning
Keeps on bearing

Some truth
Just too elusive
For this path
We journey blind

These lavish scripts
Like old words
Still bearing secrets

When tales
Of love forgotten
Are all lies
From here and now

Though they miss
Special feelings
Growing wild

Within kingdoms
Begging interest
Losing passions
Out of fear

While employing
Empty themes
As new gods
Who sever purpose

Find their answers
Among leaders
Spilling dialogue
Without thought

Stealing scenes
At every chance
Proving morals
Cannot triumph

Over action
Gaining notice
Beyond subjects
Holding weight

Writing answers
You dismiss
Claiming context
Shows intention

During moments
Less objective
Like this faith
I didn’t plan

Speaking how
My aching need
For believing
Our existence

Isn’t aimless
But intended
Yet more random
Than we think.

– J. Pigno

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