I can’t catch
My breath
Stumbling through
This nightmare
Where heartbeats
So irregular
Prove escape
Is too far gone

From that end
Which couldn’t wait
Just beyond
Their waking prison
Finding air
But never resting
In that anxious
State of grace

Like new daylight
Which remains
Come each morning
Losing semblance
Of what safeties
Have chased death
Into our world

Falling down
While racing fast
During errands
Feeling empty
Wasting hours
Pleasing others
Out of fear
They leave us soon

Learning love
Was playing God
Knowing loss
Can be eternal
As one judgment
Among many
Getting hurt
When being close

Tripping up
Where fate divides
Between lifetimes
Begging marriage
Over roots
Which grow unruly
Though we plant them
Seeking fruit

Praying meaning
Just might thrive
At the feet
Of forests gleaming
Watching sunshine
Beam forgiveness
Warming branches
Sitting bare

After seasons
Missing hope
Stealing gasps
I often suffer
Failing dreams
With subtle changes
Missing faith
That staggers blind.

– J. Pigno

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