You mock that man
Whose canvas
Is his hatred
Assess those paints
Of kindness
On your palette
Left untouched

To cure
Such jagged lines
Drawing madness
Losing vision
Lacking shape
From understanding
Missing clearly
Within frame

Blending colors
Hiding flaws
Dabbing softly
Over blotches
Far too bold
For mere corrections
Gently smudging
Mingled woes

Where our rage
Becomes consistent
When resembling
Their frustrations
Like each need
Without compassion
Showing signs
Of human ills

Tossing glitter
Among stains
Building quickly
Off these brushes
Caking dyes
In gruesome excess
Across portraits
Truly dark

Tinted plainly
By expression
Bearing nothing
But exclusion
And what lies
Our hope encounters
If ignoring
Withered souls

Sporting shades
Of lonely penchants
Amid spectrums
Brightly biased
Finding smiles
Mask their image
And reluctance
Obscures pain

Blurring fact
With slathered faith
Covered wholly
From obsession
Thickened daily
Gaining varnish
While we pity
Through neglect.

– J. Pigno

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