Never questions
What sick form
Our shadows take
When escaping
Sideways mirrors
In their dark
And shapeless paths

Over pavement
Where they stretch
Trading places
With each maker
Finding concrete
Shows no pattern
Leaving footsteps
None can trace

Whose ambition
Dawdles still
As these bodies
Pace forever
Across sidewalks
Less indifferent
To their image

Like those figures
More distinct
Than this face
That’s always hidden
Far beneath
Some tired passage
Of cement
We tread on top

Strolling gently
Towards one death
Bright as sun
Which blinds our journey
Under heavens
Blue from shining
Through these rips
In trailing clouds

Pouring glitter
Upon Earth
Still assuring
Those who wander
Besides lines
Of bare reflections
Every contour
Has two sides.

– J. Pigno

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