I’ll reply
To avoid my fears
In person
Till the keystrokes
Hide this grimace
Barely worthy
Of real

When such dreams
Each finger speaks
Finds new courage
Hitting enter
Sharing stories
Only backspaced
If these hands
Should lie
Some more

Telling strangers
How I’m fine
Even though
Those words
Sit empty
Upon pages
Barely witnessed
Among forums
Marked for dead

Amid places
Left untouched
Hidden well
But always calling
Out to people
Feeling desperate
Where they plead
Much choice

Searching nightly
For their chance
Between voices
Crying lonely
Across venues
Made of shyness
Lighting stages
At home

Like my spotlight
Gone unseen
Begging roses
Though I edit
Taking bows
While growing
Living only
Behind screens.

– J. Pigno

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