This Too Shall Pass

Relieve me
If you will
By assuming death
In attempts
To make things better
By agreeing
What comes next

Is the fate
No man avoids
Through each turn
Of final chances
And believing
Sudden pauses
Imply sadness
Life expects

When existing
Just for laughs
Crying loudly
Without reason
Hoping heartbeats
Slowly steady
As disaster
Hits too soon

Where this youth
Has some excuse
If such dreams
Were never healthy
Putting off
Another chapter
Drifting wildly
Towards my goal

Finding feeling
Proves that cure
Testing play
I take for granted
Since all breath
Becomes one moment
Held within me
While it lasts –

Pure emotion
Drawn from grace
While my pulse
Climbs ever quickly
Chasing freedoms
Between illness
God insists
Art cannot fix

Still remembering
Time builds walls
Through expressing
Chains not present
Hidden deeply
Among poisons
After taking pills
With words

Losing semblance
Though I speak
Along paper trails
During crises
Often easy
Until they pass.

– J. Pigno

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