Down The Middle

Fill us not
With anger
But the courage
To die in vain
And believe
Our efforts wasted
Were sins
Of a living proof

That lies
Begin each dream
Chasing prospects
Deemed unholy
Through their worship
Once entitled
Among gods
Whose throne is cash

Now uncertain
As they seem
Losing heavens
Between heartbeats
Fallen victim
Facing choices
Buying breaths
At highest price

Despite answers
Called unfair
Finding illness
Drives obsession
By persuading
Human armies
Whose own swords
Are fear made flesh

Pointing weapons
Towards themselves
Only brandished
For destruction
Against bodies
Still divided
Always whole
Though being split

Down the middle
So it goes
Every moment
Faith should vanish
Giving evil
Ample reason
Eating minds
Without much hope

Missing health
From fame excess
False success
Where sudden danger
Rears distraction
Revealed deadly
Masking substance
Beneath wealth

While misfortune
Becomes strength
Building nerve
Beyond good measure
Knowing age
Prefers indifference
Never taking sides
But time.

– J. Pigno

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