What We Have

Let’s give it
What we have
Even though that’s
Not real much
When faced with
Imminent danger
Which our eyes
Still strain to see

While deciding
What comes next
Learning quickly
Loss is fated
Since revealing
Better natures
Once believed
Just certain luck

Through the lens
Called human grief
Despite grasping
Choices matter
Taking action
Besides praying
God should save
Who matters most

For in fact
Faith never lasts
Staking safety
Upon riches
Finding poor men
Line those hallways
Grinning warmly
As they cough

Knowing death
Means true relief
Seeking solace
Outside bodies
Made of flesh
Decaying daily
Falling victim
Breathing germs

Where resistance
Empties hope
Taking torment
Missing respite
Chasing answers
Within workdays
Thinking wallets
Offer cures

So instead
Remain unknown
Keeping humble
Doing favors
Turning chances
Into changes
Loving always
Ceasing hate

Shedding fear
Before each end
Kissing hands
Whose fingers tremble
Shining light
Beyond thick darkness
Gently proving
Life endures.

– J. Pigno

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