And now there is
No more sin
As your kiss
Still pains me

Even though
Our mouths
Hold answers
Even God Himself
Can’t speak

Said between
These earthly drills
Like long trials
But telling

Shedding reasons
Skin confesses
From before
Both lives

Over decades
Lost on lips
Seeking partners
If willing

Feeling wrong
Besides connection
Or devotion
By choice

That despises
Mortal need
When indulging
Which linger

Building friendships
Fallen victim
While these hearts
Grow bored
So quick

Fumbling solace
After thrills
Thinking real
Means joy
Too fleeting

Always fighting
Hoping futures
Break those fears
Such bonds

Banking fate
Upon decisions
Merely forced
Where love
Seems errant

Trading lies
Since every promise
Beckoned rings
Their hands
Won’t wear.

Now I see
This truth is harsh
Pledging death
Should part us

Simply gorgeous
Once intended
But in hindsight
With use

Proving pleasure
Honors men
Yet destroys
What soul
Pursues it

Giving vows
That sacred purpose
For redemption
Can’t ruin.

– J. Pigno

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