Missing Gifts

I remember
Missing gifts

Whose years
Became empty boxes
Found stacked
Beneath trees so crooked
That their contents
Seem like coal –

What past lives
Lit each branch

And held them straight
Through feelings

Now transgressions
Weighing heavy
Upon limbs
Whose burdens sink

Every ornament
Lacking faith
From this family
Left divided

By my actions
Once thought caring
But assumed
Were meant for hurt.

Such blessings
Getting lost
Being shuffled
Between baskets
Among paper stars
Whose glitter
Reflects failures
Sticking close

Are what wishes
Christmas sells
Upon backs
Of dreams less modest

Finding loved ones
Sparkle brightly
More than presents
Wrapped in bows.

See Santa waits
For kids
Much how God
Agrees His sinners
Should redeem
Those moral failures
Trusting angels
Do exist –

Thinking magic
Still might thrive
Upon nights
When colors glimmer,

Watching snowfall
Bury questions
Under skies
Soon pouring white,

Knowing twinkling stars
Prove holy

And these constellations

Seeking sleighs
Or heavens hidden
Guiding all men
Towards belief.

Though I pray
Beside this wreath

Kneeling humbly
While reflecting,

Smelling scents
My pain has taken
Seeing candles
Dance on walls,

Knowing winter
Claims its stake
Forcing minds
Who question spirit

To face miracles
Often blatant

Though they question
With good cause.

  • J. Pigno

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