Negative Attention

How ugly
We all have become
In our updates
Like endless stardom

Where emptiness
Asks every user
If acknowledgment
Satiates souls –

That hunger
Abided by grief,

Denying death
As it passes,

Above these heads
Always waiting
For another excuse
To show off.

I’m scared
Still wearing my mask
Since viruses taint
More than bodies.

We deserve
Each strain that is coming
Posting pictures
Of Saturday night,

When you drank
And partied regardless
Thinking glee
Was somehow entitled
While families cry
Over corpses
But refuse vaccines
All the same.

An apocalypse came
Leaving texts,

Like livestreams
Touting disaster,

Citing proof
How steady employment
Distracts weak minds
From their end.

God’s forgiveness
Failed without warning
When humanity
Settled on gaming,

Worshipped cash
Before heeding science,

Wore garments
Spouting hate’s name –

Scrolling videos
Endlessly made
Which indulge those
Primitive habits,

Giving sickness
Ample advantage
Before this germ
Even spread.

“So disgusting”
Fully explains
What priorities
People admire.

Views dip,
Though “likes” keep repeating,
Meaning content
Never gets read.

  • J. Pigno

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