Many dreams
Are an act of God
Which provide us proof
For existence
Outside this realm
Where real torture
Is knowing such limits

Within these chains
Leaving anxious thoughts
Always tethered
Besides what hope
Sleeping offers
Like nightmares had
While awake,

Needing desperate truths
Visions give
Sharing angry signs
Through our terrors
Warning every soul
Remain open
To those humble clues
Horror tells

By assuring fear
Reveals strength
Shedding honest light
Upon failures
Searching memories lost
After missing their point
All along –

Showing splitting paths
Soon becoming whole
Once we realize
Humans merely sin
Being selfish
Seeking joy long gone
Facing death

As toy shelves bend
Over time
Still inside old minds
Growing jaded
Watching teddy bears
Tattered and dusty
Reveal hidden tears
During play

Only children’s hearts
Can perceive
Grieving innocent days
Going missing
Feeling decades pass
Between moments
A few short breaths
Often steal

Since the present
Eludes making sense
But forever works
How imagined
Seeing heaven drift
Behind eyelids
So tired
From finding life hard.

  • J. Pigno

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