Looking Up

I only
Ever wanted attention
Because all that exists
Is indifference,

Or the hate
Of becoming familiar
With a person
Whose love feels unfair.

That’s how our hope
Slowly fades,

Through days spent
Gazing at ceilings,

Swearing something
Beyond this fixation
Could alter man’s fate
Being fixed.

God lies
If death doesn’t hurt,

As suffering
Reigns one advantage
Over loneliness
Supposedly worth it,

Facing lifetimes
Crying in vain –

Transient bliss
Holding hands,

Marriages torn
Getting restless,

Souls growing apart
Sensing purpose
Means leaving behind
Every dream.

Above us
Still sits empty space,

Just staring back down
While we suffer.

Pity how loss
Remains frightening –

For me
Such fear seems absurd.

  • J. Pigno

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