Lung Opacity

I watch videos
Of smiling faces
Between bleeding gums
Still forcing
Some inspired speech
Less genuine
Than any more tears
They could shed –

Mere reflections
With flesh on bone

In the mirrors that lie
Behind cameras,

Avoiding each crack
By denial,

This life is a dream.

Such happiness breaks
As an x-ray glows
Bleeding halos
Through those dark rooms
Highlights tumors,

Finding spots
Where God didn’t miss.

He laughs at hope
While we wish
Tomorrow may hold
Better answers,

Seeking miracles
Stemming from science
Becoming lost faith
Now replaced.

Even doctors
Experience fear,

Discovering truths

Worried how death
Never chooses
But eliminates all

Only patients
Suffer with bliss,
Upon death’s diagnosis –

Yet oddly delighted

Beyond bodies
Their answer awaits.

  • J. Pigno


  1. I’m not sure what I did to you., But you blocked me from commenting you blocked me on instagram. You know I’ve been dealing with this with people on social media. And it’s really saddening. I didn’t do anything wrong to you


    1. Mel, I deleted my Instagram. That’s why I’m not there lol. I never blocked or deleted you from any accounts. I always value your feedback and kindness. I’m sorry you’ve experienced that in the past, but that’s not something I have done – I can assure you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay. I was like what did I do to you because I was trying to comment it on your other poems and I was like blocked or something it was really weird.


      2. Mel, I understand being upset about people doing that very much – I have never done that though to any of my followers or friends on my writing blogs. If I’m quiet, it just means I’m quiet and keeping to myself cause I’m kind of introverted like that when I’m not ready to write or share my feelings. But your support always means the world to me, as does all my followers. I would never want to take that blessing for granted.


  2. I was really supportive in the beginning. And everything I had to unfollow you here and follow you again just a comment. You know you used to show your gratitude you just show your support. Why is it that everybody on social media and stuff gets really mean and wants to ignore you and stuff when you’ve been supportive and everything. It’s really sad


      1. Trust me I know. I want to delete mine so bad. But I have like just a handful of people that are on there who I don’t know in person. But they’re really great supporters so I only really stay on there for them nowadays. I’m actually shocked that I don’t even check my messages on there all the time anymore. I hope someone comes up with something like Instagram but you don’t see numbers you don’t see followers you don’t see anything unless you actually want to see it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I totally get that – I had a few great poets I was in contact with too but I just couldn’t deal with all the drama and having people see my personal writing that really shouldn’t have been. I hope someday they make a site that’s strictly for poets and writers but similar in style.


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