No Coming Back

I may die
From an airless lung
Because broken hearts
Just aren’t special

Or express this fear
Feeling breathless
After trying so hard
With these words,

To convey such truths
They’ve denied
While yelling out loud
Every symptom
That nightmare shell
Called a body
Throws at its soul
Trapped within –

When the phrase
Means no coming back
After pain agrees verse
Left unspoken
Is my wish deep down
Never witnessed
Or dreams unfulfilled
Causing grief.

Some hurt
Manifests new grace,

Finding solace
Beyond comprehension
Where God awaits
Hiding those answers
Between sentences
Humans can’t bear

If believing
Despite losing faith
Against doubtfulness
Art should inhabit,

Relieving restraints
On emotions,

Using passion
For bolstering odds

Each anxious thought
Should engage
Thinking sickness
Fate lacking poems –

But real beauty
Defies suffocation,

Still screaming them,
Winded and all.

  • J. Pigno

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