Boardwalk Sleep

It’s been years
Since I’ve seen that ocean

Or spent summer by the sea
With my parents,

But during winter
We wish for these memories
When arcades are
All boarded up

And shuttered
Behind snowy drifts
Collected on planks
Above sand dunes

Where driftwood sits
Always waiting
For another tide
To pull them back in.

Some images
Just aren’t thoughts
But a feeling which lasts
Beyond decades,

Eternally held
As experienced
Like our childhoods
Ready at will –

Those miracles
Better preserved,

Snapshots caught
Without cameras,

An image of mom
Winning crane games
Or dad eating sweets
By his bench.

Last night
I dreamt we were riding
Back home
Towards dusk’s coral promise,

After sharing
Each moment so special
Beneath fate’s sky
Glowing red –

One colorful scene
Become permanent
Inside this mind
Getting older

While accepting death
Almost ready,

Soon acknowledging fear
Is belief

Knowing God was there
Leaving traces
Now comforting sights
Gaining context

Missing fixtures
Captured forever,

Wishing some days
Never did end.

  • J. Pigno

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