New Approach

I believe this plan
Is intended
To break our world
Farther apart,

Allowing fears
Now accepted
As an ordinary pain
We must face –

Avoidable death
Giving warnings
Despite policies
Inching us closer,

A strategy made
From neglecting
What normalcy
Meant all along.

That’s how leaders
Following trends
Which will teeter

On uneven points
Tipping over
Into open holes
We could fill.

It’s obscene
Though easily fixed,
Often failed
Yet rarely attempted

Since ignorance
Offers such excess
Taught like prayers
In their schools –

The answer
Was never relief
But falling down
When we notice

Earth swaying
Still getting things dizzy,
Always ready
For another decline.

Business exploits
Every angle
Where profits explode
Through obsession.

Progress implies
Little details
Of disasters born
From success.

  • J. Pigno

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