Sunset Beach (Revisited)

I thought there would be
Some escape
Now returning
To Sunset Beach,

Watching as dawn
Becomes morning
Seeing Atlantus
Just off her coast

During visits
Opposing such namesakes
Feeling evenings
Ruin distinction

Secluded by night
Hiding memories
Appearing more bold
When it’s bright,

Where daylight builds
Over wave breaks
And histories crash
Across shorelines

Echoing dreams
Long forgotten
But almost afloat
Like that wreck –

While my other lives
Drift out at sea
Finding happiness
Treading deep water,

Held between tides
Beneath oceans
Under storms so great
They get lost.

Perhaps no proof
Should remain
As artifacts state
There was meaning.

Childhood hopes
Along storefronts
Sipping soda with mom
Never last.

Each current
Must carry this soul
How captured sand
Within bottles

Tells stories
Of places we visit
Before shattering
After you leave.

  • J. Pigno

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