Tall Evergreens

Our trees
Bear colorful lights
Shining within
Every window,

Through glass which
Captures that magic
Hiding those stars
Very small –

In each twinkle
The distant past,

Burning so bright
Like time’s memory
Of a fiery life
That once sparkled

But now seeks peace
Before death.

I must fear
How winter proceeds
Despite such warmth
Seeming certain
Around holiday hearths
Always glowing
Where families sit
Sharing gifts.

They can’t understand
Why tragedy
Follows their merriment

When agony’s wrapped
Besides presents
Every Christmas Eve
Spent at home –

Just feeling too sad
To face what truth
Begins mounting
While clocks ring out
After midnight
Telling me still
There is hope –

If God was birthed
Long ago,

For His purpose
Relieving all judgment,

From mankind’s fate
Getting darker

As my own ills
Appear much worse.

  • J. Pigno


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