Finally Free (Fantasy)

With the grace of God
I will sleep
Until this breath
Appears heavy
To wake once more
Out of feeling
My heart race fast
In this bed –

Another night
Watching each star
Faraway now
Through these windows
But near enough still
For believing
Someday my soul
Just might reach

A heavenly space
Lacking fear
Or risk of death
Always looming
As age bears down
Making moonlight
The only hope here
Which exists

For escaping weights
Pressing hard
As evening nerves
Begin shifting
Into dreams whose glow
Remains faded
Like sparkling skies

Yet dimly there
Turning thoughts
By their simple wish
Towards believing
Such levity waits
Upon leaving
Our bodies so old
Seeming young

Soon begging relief
From their pulse
Since skipping beats
Imply endings
Inching more close
Than expected
If imminent bliss
Follows suit

When floating above
Darkened rooms
Seeing streets grow small
Soaring gently
While flying outside
Praying wishes
Are realities
Chased beyond clouds.

  • J. Pigno

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