These words
Which no one
Hold the meaning
I leave behind

Forcing me
To consider
If that’s even
Really life
At all

Or a fact
Of losing sleep
When believing
There is purpose

From agreeing
Has an answer
Just ready to spill
As it comes

Dangling loose
Over sheets
Still blank
While the pen
Stays waiting

For a chance
This poem suffers
And breathes
What hurt
It will cost

To release
Such varying stakes
Through phrases
In the gamble

Of margins
So merciless
Their empty space
Can kill

With dreams
No man can waste
If spoken
As depicted

By an image
There are feelings
Art cannot easily

– J. Pigno

I keep having
A different dream
Each time my eyes dare
Like shutters
To obscure what light
Seeks windows
Which disturbs
Such rest
With a view

Where visions
Of an altered past
Pierce through its lens
Come morning
When my losses
Along fractures
As traveling rifts
In this glass

From distant lies
So bright
Whose fissured truth
Their golden flashes
Among scenes
Left cold
And tense

Packing warmth
Off stars
On a mission
For answers
Behind this sleep
Around orbits
Chasing death

Near fears
Still floating close
Across spacious dark
Before that sun
Come morning
Sneaks past
These thinning

– J. Pigno

Watch this
Colorful helix
Spin so quick
It dazzles
As the eyes
Catch glimpses
Of the God
Whose mind
Is light

As day coats
Living canvas
With spectrums
And vivid
Through experience
Hardly certain
Our senses
At all

Until that
Rainbow bends
Where palettes
Full circle
And shadows bleed
Like raindrops
With beads
Of falling

Dream-filled clouds
Hold stains
From dripping
While neon tears
Hail hues
Still taking

Without grace
But the sin
Each shade
As building blocks
For an image
Made of flesh.

– J. Pigno

This doesn’t feel
Quite right
As fans
Among the silence
With that whirring
Ever gently
Begin crawling
To their halt

Leaving me
No voice
But an air
Of sudden whispers
Moving softly
From what distance
These deaf ears
Just can’t disclose

Through my stale
Yet living dream
Where heads
Appear in doorways
And pale sunshine
Carries meaning
Pinning shadows
On those walls

When new dust
Is thick as light
Birthing dullness
Spawned from reason
Hiding answers
Within specters
Stealing pasts
Before days done

As they crumble
Out of frames
Growing hands
Not made of canvas
But some substance
Mixing colors
Holding shades
I fear are ghosts

Which dance close
Like lovers blessed
Lost to time
And moral choices
Begging flames
While longing candles
Carry torches
Down this hall

Bringing noise
That scares me still
Knowing night
Is nearing closer
Bearing phantoms
Fate’s illusion
Names the quiet
Peace forgets

Stopping screams
And clocks themselves
Hanging visions
Outside windows
Barely normal
If I gander
Even briefly
At their face.

– J. Pigno

What voice
Could I leave behind
If silence
Is all I seek –
Writing alone
Besides this lamp
Left dark?

Afraid how light
Might bleed
Across these pages
Where spaces
Drained and waiting
Just lay like puddles
Flat –

Each margin
Holding rain
Thick as phrases
Feeling empty
From that storm cloud
Called resistance
To exposure
Of old mud

When my soil
Catches truth
Beneath gray
Yet spilling vapors
Among climates
Better suited
For bad weather
I confess

Is my talent
Speaking best
Still believing
Easy answers
Offer solace
Not redemption
Finding pleasure
Often fades,

Though its demons
May remain
Despite fearing
At the hands
Of God neglected
Amid lines
I keep inside

Like my calling
Toward unknowns
Wedged between
These tired eyelids
Of a book
Whose tattered cover
Houses secrets
Under wear

That no verse
Can hardly share
If the motive
Falls afflicted
To such dimness
Bearing torrents
Without sunshine
On this desk.

– J. Pigno

No authority
In this world
To the power
Of fiction

Maybe God’s
Own will
Whose pen
Is writing it all

Where stories
Built from realms
We’d dare
To dub

Old shelves
Inside us
Collecting dust
With fate

When genres
Bent from time
Sell plots
Some call

While others
Seeking miracles
Find dreams
They’d wished

Each binding
Showing seams
Of such pain
Through flesh

And that hurt
Thematic evidence
How our love
May conquer

Across pages
Neatly tied
Beyond volumes
But heavy

Within margins
Housing spaces
Holding secrets
As script

Amid mirrors
Speaking tongues
Though reflections
By phrases –

Every tale
Another lifetime
For this cast
We name

– J. Pigno

These hours
Drenched in sleep
Are the eyes’
Most sad reflection
Of days spent
Dreaming nothing
Behind what door
Stays closed

As if such sheets
Could speak
From tears absorbed
Within them
By memories
Losing sequence
Between old pillows

Across this mattress
Where years
Through fading sunlight
Form pools
To dangle respite
Simply passing
Time not had

Like hope sought
Fairly close
Beneath our lives
Still resting
Without answers
Losing meaning
Though we gasp

For breath held
Long at night
During comas
God intended
Spell depression
While resisting
Waking soundly
Come each dawn

Finding slumber
Has its price
Choosing leisure
Over pleasure
Taking solace
Killing purpose
Upon learning
Work is death

With little reason
To dwell among
Those ruins
Seeing action
Hinder progress
As we conjure
Idle threats

Snoozing late
Like quiet bombs
Lazy soldiers
Making exits
Facing failure
All too easy
If that triumph
Means we nap.

– J. Pigno