I don’t think
God has a face
But perhaps
He’s a star
Within us

Collapsing fast
From illusion
Of the chaos
Our souls

When entropy
Rules in favor
Like fate
That’s randomly

Among these planets
Their gravities
On fear

Which assumes
No mind can think
That burning

Toward vastness
Deeply troubled
This sprawling

Between old points
Where age
Is a death
All men
Will worship

Exploring space
Around them
For the sake
They may bend

So physics
Loses strength
If divinity
Its answers

Heaven’s waiting
At this edge
Of what
We know

Time itself
Through that cross
Which burns

By wormholes
Called awareness
Waking saints
From living

– J. Pigno

White cats
Clawed at my feet
Where the landing
Fell abruptly
Atop what floor
Had shifted
Concealing stairs

Through each cage
Hissing loudly
While they lingered
Telling me
Our closest exit
Wasn’t meant
For such escape

As bookshelves
Shed their dust
Near windows
Cracked and beaming
With ivy laced
Around them
Over moldings
Chipped from age

In that attic
Never seen
Only known
By certain dreaming
During moments
Staring upwards
Wishing houses
Had more space

Like this garret
Much too vast
For explaining
Its existence
Which extends
Beyond forever
Making sense
Since castles float

When mansions
Within minds
Become levels
Just above us
Swearing God
Has hidden secrets
Among treasures
Stored away

High as hopes
We’d never seek
Staying grounded
Under pressures
Between hallways
Safely guarded
From these felines
Strangely mad

Wishing truths
Were screaming noise
Down the corridor
Was our passage
Toward some heaven
I had witnessed
On that trip.

– J. Pigno

I think I’ll go
To that place
Where there’s truth
In no one caring
At the feet
Of good intentions
When my worship
Starts as fear

Feeling anxious
While I bend
Out of reverence
For the desperate
Being victim
To what’s lonely
During moments
Lacking prayer

Finding quiet
Offers grace
If that silence
Means obsessing
Over passions
More than righteous
Like my anger
Lost on words

Through each mass
I often wait
Seeking guidance
Beyond gestures
Nodding heads
And bowing gently
Shaking hands
Which aren’t there

But admitting
Pain is worse
Since divinity
Long neglected
Preached forgiveness
To its servants
Without purpose
Even seen

Barely heard
Yet showing strength
Lifting spirits
By rejection
As I kneel
Toward fallen altars
Proving sadness
Has a church

Making failure
With some fate
I’d not intended
Sitting idly
Near this window
Staring blindly
Seeking faith

Lost to God
Whose heart is rain
And His love
One final rainbow
Lasting briefly
During daylight
Covered softly
With new clouds

Still the promise
Till that lie
Becomes a purpose
Growing meaning
Within soil
Wasting fate
On better storms

Carrying answers
Best dismissed
Like my service
Since compared
To other humans
Whose old meaning
Misses dreams.

– J. Pigno

Every blemish
In your mirror
Is evidence
Beauty dwindles
As result
From trading places
With the face
All yearn to sell

By consequence
Of death
And its judgments
Creeping slowly
Through that youth
We take for granted
Like our faith
Assumed to grow

If existence
Wasn’t vain
But less proud
Than narcissistic
Finding flaws
Are most attractive
When they nurture
Humble grace

Letting hairlines
Fallen gray
Peter out
To prove recession
Is that blessing
Stealing glamour
Aging boldly
Without fear

Telling highlights
Of their lives
Before turning
Faintly silver
Stalling fate
Just one more moment
Waiting staunchly
For this chance

Speaking volumes
Though they break
Seeing cracks
Form at these edges
Praying wrinkles
Aren’t sketches
Of each soul
Which harbors doubt

Trying hard
Appearing new
While inside
Such fissures thicken
Splitting widely
Tearing open
What old crevice
Lies beneath

Hiding hatred
Towards themselves
Which we call
Our fleeting image
On God’s Earth
Assumed as soil
Yet in truth
Is made of glass.

– J. Pigno

I envy
The purple flower
Hanging low
Upon your desk
With proof
Of wilted majesty
Being caught
In mid-day’s glow

As it mimics
Dazzling grace
Through a dim
Yet telling shimmer
Which speaks
Such hidden language
Atop those
Violet blooms

Beyond sense
Through an image
Whispered softly
Across that room
What nature says
Is best

Still beats
Within our midst
Like a heart
Whose pulse can linger
And lungs
Provide us color
From new radiance
Piercing glass

Passing breaths
Amid glitter
Dancing gently
Between words
We keep exchanging
Losing track
Of God so close

Where windows
Bring us faith
By these details
Often hidden
Long forgotten
Among blossoms
Gleaming shyly
Under sills.

– J. Pigno

There is no
Creative way
To express
What grief
I’m feeling

Since words
Are the most
Means of conveying
Their loss

With breath
Like expended wind
In a futile
Called pretense

Pushing through lips
My stutter
Has meaning
At all

For I hesitate
When believing
This spoken faith
Has purpose

Beyond what lies
Lay dormant
That tongue

As an ignorant
Turn of speech
Where life
Finds silence

At the end
Of sentences
To determine fate
By verse

Writing dreams
Off need
From a passing
Left wasted

As it is
For inspiring
Useless rage

If days
Are a debt
But only served
While waiting

These hours
Becoming torture
My pen
Which hurts.

– J. Pigno

I’d not trust
Chronic liars
Called men
Who say they know
Like a soul
Whose diagnosis
Is based upon
Ignorant flesh

From claims
Which lay their waste
Atop backs
Of society’s faithless
Whose struggle
Is trumped by waiting
For relief
That never comes

While doctors
Say they heal
By pushing pills
More dangerous
Than illness
God delivers
As escape
When answers fail

Or jail
Still ruining lives
Where men inside
Grow restless
To commit these crimes
Like revenge
They wouldn’t choose

If human will
Was good
And jobs just
Weren’t pressures
Weighing shoulders
Always caving
Praying somehow
Soon may end

During eras
Paved with hate
Proving leaders
Aren’t heroes
But our death knell
Voicing speeches
Playing politics
Dressed in suits

Making light
Of others’ grief
Telling stories
Few acknowledge
Are less truthful
Than their platform
Selling safety
Shot through guns

Leaving wounds
Time cannot fix
Just prolonging
Our extinction
At the hands
We title progress
Forging proof
Without one fact.

– J. Pigno