Doom and Gloom

This mirror
Shows no man
But the foggy face
He exhibits
As a suffering form
That is empty
Like one plume of smoke
Taking shape

Where fear
Assumes its place
Through widening distance
Such dark reflections
Within his image

Missing links
Across each chain
Now loosened
From feelings
Effectively handled
By inflicting pain
On himself

So existence
Surely rigged
Wields expression
Hardly noticed
When controlling
These emotions
Barely veiling
Naked threats

Called resistance
Begging change
Failing hard
At making struggles
Even different
In the slightest
Knowing trying
Wasn’t hard

While ignoring
Broken masks
Splitting smiles
Into pieces
Like each shard
Another grimace
Left confessing
Their defense

Against wrongs
They can’t admit
Are demanding
Worthy penance
Over decades
Spanning moments
Waiting madly
For their breath

Beyond clouds
Or vapid mists
Puffing lifetimes
Out of vapors
Proving lungs
Are holding nothing
But thin air
Which never lasts.

– J. Pigno

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